Sunday, September 29, 2013

I almost forgot...

Ciao and hello!
I almost forgot....this is ME!

I'm on the balcony and I took this pic especially for the blog! I'm all in usual. Black is my best friend...timeless, chic and minimalist.

Rain has started to fall even here in hasn't stopped since this morning and in the meantime I'm getting ready for my birthday party on Wednesday. I'm planning to have an Aperitivo with some of my closest friends. It will be nice to have them here. Finger-food and Lasagne :))
I'll upload some pics on Thursday.
So, today we're stuck at home. Thomas is now watching Fireman Sam, his favourite cartoon and I'm enjoying the time for myself. Actually, I've just had a mad hour cooking corn, zucchini and some spinach for's steak night!
I played a lot with T earlier. I strongly believe that running around the table (chasing him) is a fantastic way to loose some calories.. what do you think? ;)

I hope you'll have a nice evening!

Baci Baci. xx

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