Thursday, October 03, 2013

It's all about my birthday

Hello Hello!
And yes...another birthday has gone by. This was a good one!

As you can see I celebrated in style with a yummy passion fruit/lemon mousse/cake from a very fancy patisserie.
Some of my best friends were there and we chatted and had a lot of fun. It is true what they say:

And last night we laughed a lot. :)
Sometimes all we need is to focus on people we care and realize how lucky we are to have them and to be part of their lives.
My birthday had a great start with T singing happy birthday in Italian, English and French (!) and ended with my friends celebrating with me.
Thanks Andrew, Betta, Ettore, Max, Ale, Franci, Dalila and Gae! It was a perfect "3?th" birthday! :D

Baci baci xxx

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