Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's all about babies


You want them, you look for them, you wait for them, you save money for them...and in the end they arrive. And your life is changed forever.

I’m not talking about the latest trendy accessories: they're never enough.  
I’m talking about babies: even one can be more than enough...

Actually, with the right accessory your life could change forever:
1)      A Birkin would make you so fashionable even if you're wearing a track suit (not that I would ever wear one)
2)     A Birkin would make you so broke that you’d stay broke for a very long time
That is life changing indeed...

What people will never tell you is that everything of the life you used to love is about to be flushed away because you were brave and crazy enough to take a leap of faith and do it.

Now the fun begins...and it never ends because you cannot turn the “babytoddlerkid” switch off or hide him away in the wardrobe as you could do with your fabulous Birkin (in fact..why would you ever hide your Birkin in the wardrobe?). 
I've looked many times for a switch but I've never found one. I've asked around me. Nobody seems to have found one. 

Obviously there are times when a kid will be the only reason on earth you smile but this is not what we’re talking about here.

We are revealing the unimaginable. The truth behind the curtains. The shocking reality after you've put away the cute "Janie and Jack" outfits.

Sometimes the frustration reaches a level that you have the feeling an alien has taken over your identity.
When you're waiting for your kid to fall asleep and you sit next to him on the the dark...and an hour has gone by...and the floor is cold...and even when you finally put a rug it's still cold...and you want your life back because every night is the same and you know you will never have time for yourself...and suddenly you just think: 

When you're on the phone with your your best friend trying to have a conversation and his screams are so loud you cannot hear your voice...and you'd be ready to trade five minutes of peace for a trip to the US just to see the Fire Engines duty-free shopping little detour at Bloomingsdale's...  

When you've prepared a nice dinner and you can't sit still for more than thirty seconds because you are requested to do in order: get some, the juice with the not peach, pear......turn the tv on, no not cartoonito...Fireman Sam, not this one, the one with the giant snowball...

The point is... the battle is never ending and you will probably always loose.
Every time you'll buy a Vionnet or a Céline handbag you'll feel guilty thinking you've just spent some money destined to his education... but we all have to make compromises and I'm happy to feel the guilt if I can get a Céline out of it.

After all... nobody is perfect, my handbags are.

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