Wednesday, October 09, 2013

It's all about Fashionland


When I started working for YOOX last year in March, I knew I was setting foot in the dangerous realm of Fashionland...
You might have visited this intriguing and charming place where everything shines and sparkles and the girls are all pretty (and incredibly skinny - that's obviously a pain..).

Unlike the first time I visited Fashionland (when I worked for La Perla a life ago) I now have a life threatening condition called "handbagaddicitonIhavetobuythemhelp!!" which is a state of mind where you can't stop yourself from buying expensive handbags.
I will describe the symptoms so you can quickly realize if you have it too:

Phase 1: THE HUNT
I can spend hours looking for the best deal possible. When I have a handbag or generally something on my mind,  I can't stay put, I just keep looking and looking as if the destiny of the planet depended on it. My husband Andrew says I'm crazy... I think I'm a picky and thorough customer looking for an amazing deal! :)))

Once I set eyes on my prey,  I look for the item everywhere on the net to compare prices, colors... and then I come back to it because I start telling myself that IT IS such a shame to miss it that I should really buy it...
And in just a couple of clicks...ooooppppsss...there..done. Bought it!!!

This is the most painful phase because I suddenly start babbling with people around me that it was the best deal was a once in a lifetime was crazy to miss it for that price...and I actually manage to convince myself. I think it's a kind of magic!

THE CURE for this odd condition has yet to be found.
In the meantime, I do suggest the following:

...possibly to a very secluded place with no shops, no markets, no internet...everything is a source of temptation!!
On another note, Mrs Westwood suggests the following:

But what happens when you buy less, you choose well and yet you still spend a lot of money in the process?? 
Could Mrs. Westwood clarify that please? 

Baci Baci. xxx


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