Saturday, October 12, 2013

It's all about Ikea


Today I had a transcendent experience. 
I went to IKEA. 

Going to Ikea means having a list of 4-5 things to buy and coming out of the shop with at least 20 things in the trolley. 
Things that most of the time, the second you set foot at home will shockingly appear for what they really are: pointless.
But they are the opposite while you're in the shop, aren't they? Everything looks so useful and so cheap that you can't leave without buying them. 
You magically convince yourself that with the rug "Gundlandst" or the lamp "Vastram" your house will look a completely different place...and for such a small investment!!!

Why is that?? Do they disperse in the air some kind of Swedish essential oil that make us think we all live in an Ikea catalog? 

Today I decided to try something new and I entered the shop repeating like a mantra: 


I walked fast through the fake bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms (but ohhhh they looked so cozy - sure, they were tiny but a family of ten people would be so happy there!!!)
Then I realized... I was gradually abandoning my new resolution and in less than 5 minutes two tea towels, a fake plant, some plastic boxes, a pack of Swedish biscuits had found their way into my Ikea bag...

OK, OK, time to get serious about it!

I started walking so fast through the last part of the shop I even forgot to look for a couple of things that were on my list! 
BUT, the most important thing is that I finally avoided buying candles, cushions or glasses (they are a terrible temptation, so many kinds and so always end up having a box of glasses in the trolley).

Mission accomplished!! I'm very proud of myself...I'm the living proof that it is possible to go to Ikea and buy only what you really need. 

Of course I had to take home the two tea towels, the fake plant, the plastic boxes, and the pack of Swedish biscuits...................

Baci Baci. xx

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  1. hahaha so me !!!!! don't worry my carina we'll fight and win .... maybe one day ;)