Monday, October 14, 2013

It's all about traffic


THE most painful time of my day is for sure coming home from work.

You might think that I'm crazy since leaving the office shouldn't be a bad time at all but it becomes the worst experience ever when it means being systematically stuck in traffic for an hour or even more. 
Hold on...many of you could think it's quite normal...but I'm not talking about Paris, London or LA. 
Hey, I'm talking about BO-LO-GNA in Italy, not even 400.000 people, a beautiful city (see traffic should not be such an issue. Unfortunately IT IS and no Bologna Mayor has ever been able to do anything about it. 

When I'm on the ring road around Bologna (it's called the Tangenziale) and I'm stuck and upset, waiting to move my car for just 10 meters and then stop again, I'm soooo sympathetic with Michael Douglas in "Falling Down" when he has a nervous breakdown going to work in terrible traffic... 

Obviously I don't own a gun... but why are all these people on the road at the same time as me?? Are we all contestants of a survival reality show where the winner is the one who won't start kicking the car next to his?
And why as soon as we're on the move there's a guy that comes so close that it looks like he wants to come in the back of my car to have a chat?? 

I'msoangryI'msoangryI'msoangryI'msoangryI'msoangryI'msoangryI'msoangryI'msoangryI'msoangryI'msoangryI'msoangry..... Uhm... It's probably better that I don't own a gun.

The funny thing is that all of these people probably feel the same...sometimes we look at each other and we make funny faces becoming companions in our misery!

If you experience the same kind of misery as I do, you know that the ideas you have whilst you’re stuck are never the best, right?
Would you like to redecorate your bedroom? Don’t choose the colour yet…you might be influenced by the frustration and go for an acid green that would hurt your eyes and hunt you in your sleep.
Are you planning your next vacation? Wait before buying the plane tickets…as a reaction to the crowd on the road you could end up in a Tibetan Monastery even if your original idea was going to LA…

Make a list of the positive things that you like about the place you live because in theory they should outnumber the negative. If this is not the case….

Look for your next place to live :)

On my side I use the long time I have to think...
What do I think???
I think that if I was the President of Italy, I would merge the ring road outside of Bologna with the motorway so the traffic wouldn't be an issue anymore...
I would try to reduce the debt and create employment but MOST OF ALL, if I was the President of Italy I would be best friends with Michelle (Obama) and we'd go shopping together. 

You need to be at least 50 to become President. Apart from that, I would be perfectly capable to go shopping with Michelle and tell her what's the IT bag of the season....
Sometimes the ideas you have whilst you are stuck in traffic are truly great. 

Baci Baci. xx

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