Monday, October 28, 2013

It's all about black


Here we go again. 
Winter is just around the corner - even if in Bologna it looks more like the end of April rather than the end of October with 24 degrees today... 
It's time to get our head around the trendiest colors of the season... and since we don't all have time to read the latest fashion trends in Elle or Vogue, I'd like to tell/remind you what's going to be hot for the months to come in terms of what colors to wear.

Oooooooooopppsssssss... That could easily be me. Or you, or millions of supermodels trapped into a "Macaronshapedbody"... (see my post It's all about Paris). 
Pink, red and white are beautiful colors but ehm... it's not my fault if there is a superior force that makes me reject all colors after exactly ten minutes of wearing them. 
It is very vicious. It would be much better not liking colors. I would't buy dresses, tops or skirts to leave them in my already exploding wardrobe. 

This is what usually happens:
1) I buy the top. Whenever I buy something colorful I'm very excited because every time I  think I'm going to actually wear it.
2) It's the morning and I have to go to work. I try my top on and suddenly feel the need to hide myself. It's uncomfortable but I stay strong and I keep getting ready.
3) I take the top off. I put on a black top and (immediately) I feel the world is a better place.

Besides, BLACK is so classy and chic, isn't it? Look at Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's...
And of course, black can be casual and understated. Why would you need to look at the colors of the new seasons when you already have everything you need in your wardrobe???

Black cheats and lies for you as no other color would do. You can trust Mr Black for every occasion and when you're out on a date HE can also be your best friend boosting your confidence and making you feel perfect. 

It is indeed just a matter of perception (and personal look). Knowing that blue, all the shades of burgundy, dark green and a black & white combination are going to be the trendiest colors for the months to come doesn't change what we think when it comes to choose the perfect outfit for ourselves: Black is the new Black.

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