Friday, October 11, 2013

It's all about butterflies


Last night I was looking at some nice pics that my newlywed friend Giorgia posted on FB and I was thinking she looked so happy and in love...

.....before we all drown in an ocean of little hearts and honey let me get straight to the point. 
It made me think about love, happiness, and that particular feeling that we call having “butterflies in my stomach”.
I've had butterflies in my stomach before as I'm sure all of you had but the question is...where did the freaking little insects go?? 

I came up with the only three possible conclusions:

1) They got lost in the jungle that is a human stomach (being a butterfly and not an internal medicine surgeon, it must be tricky to know where you are)

2) They ran out of batteries (why didn't anyone tell me they were battery operated???)

3) They found an unconventional way out… (the most dreadful theory - I don't even want to think about it)

The thing is: they are gone, vanished, retired maybe, but nowhere to be found.

And suddenly...panic... Can I have them back please?? Seriously…did you know they had an expiration date? 

Well, I can find anything on the net, I'm sure I can spot them. Or maybe they only sell them in the US… and they won't ship to Italy!

I guess there’s no way out of it or actually there is but it’d mean start dating again. 
Ta daaaaaa…here you are, that’s the solution! Oh I forgot, if you’re married with kids that wouldn't be a very good idea… well, at least not for your husband and kids!

For those like me who can’t start all over again I suggest to redirect your energy into other forms of butterflies… like the ones you can feel in your stomach when you proudly step out of a Chanel boutique with a nice shopping bag… 
(Priceless feeling - the handbag does have a price unfortunately) 

And if you can’t afford to buy a Chanel handbag, no worries, it’s probably just a matter of time J

Baci Baci. xx

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