Tuesday, October 08, 2013

It's all about taxes


Of course it shouldn't be all about taxes...but when you receive a letter from the tax office stating you have to pay a H-U-G-E amount of money I can assure you that everything becomes related to taxes.

Suddenly, the SMC “Falabella” you were dreaming about disappears in front of your eyes..the Céline “Luggage” you were visualizing yourself with (see pics below) definitely fades away and you’re left counting the handbags you should have never bought..and yet you did.


This is exactly what happened last week when Andrew told me over the phone that we had received a letter from the French Tax Office (we used to live in Paris so being good citizens we pay taxes there too).
I almost had a car accident from the shock. 
I didn't understand WHY or HOW they came up with such a request since, as a matter of fact, I don’t own Versailles Castle, a Yacht in Cannes or a Loft on Avenue Montaigne!!

In France they have a saying that goes "On est jamais mieux servi que par soi même" which basically means that if you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself...

Why do I tell you about it? This year instead of filling the tax form by myself as I've always done, I asked an accountant to help me out just to put my mind at rest. 


I don’t know what she did but I assume she declared millions that I unfortunately don’t have!! And as a result I received the evil letter…

You can imagine how worried I was and I immediately asked my accountant to check the letter because it had to be a misunderstanding. 
The first reply I had from her was a glacial: “I think it is correct”.
No way!! How can I declare even less than last year and ending up paying three time what I paid last year??? I've never been good at maths but I'm beginning to think that maybe I should have been an accountant after all…

Have you ever found yourself in a situation like that??
You are so convinced that you are right and at the same time so frightened that for some mysterious reasons the other party will be right too???

After insisting with my accountant, last night she finally admitted that “actually it looks like there is an issue in how they registered the tax form”. D’HO!!!
She asked me to send her the Form she registered with the tax office back in June.
Double D’HO…she never sent me a copy!
She is now stopping the tax process and will ask the Office to revise my form….


Partial score of this defining/hopeIwinsoI’llbuymyselfanotherhandbag match: Sara 1 – Tax Office 0

How will this end?

Stay tuned and you will find out! (seriously…the waiting is killing me!!!)

Baci Baci. xx

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